Holistic Care
Holistic Care

Tired of being treated for one body area but not other areas that could be (and often are) connected to your problem?

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One-on-One, Hands On Rehab
One-on-One, Hands On Rehab

You are never scheduled with another client. The time is yours and yours alone.

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Manual Therapy Focus
Manual Therapy Focus

Skeletal re-alignments as well as work on the muscles and fascia to get a more lasting resolution of your pain.

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Same Therapsit Every Time
Same Therapist Every Time

There is no one else to be passed on to therefore quick progress is made toward reaching your goals.

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Pelvic Floor
Pelvic Floor

This area is often over looked and takes special skill to assess the muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia of the pelvic floor.

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Hello and welcome to Davenport Pelvic Therapy's Friendly Guide to Incontinence Products! As a pelvic health physical therapist, I often hear from people who struggle to find incontinence products that work for their needs. If you’re looking at this, I’d wager a bet that you have been or currently are struggling with incontinence and you have more questions about what to do, how to manage, and how to get back to living your best life on your terms. While there’s no substitute for trying products and seeking info on your own, I designed this guide to give you some perspective from real people who have struggled with urinary and fecal incontinence. None of the people quoted in this document are paid marketers and they’re not fancy researchers. They’re simply people like you who are looking for help in navigating their incontinence...

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Davenport Pelvic Therapy

Charles Dudley, MPT

Charles Dudley MPT

Meet the Therapist

Charles has nearly 2 decades of experience as a physical therapist with experience in diverse settings such as hospital, rehabilitation, out patient, sports medicine and even had a private practice in London England. He attended TAI SOPHIA, which later became Maryland University of Integrative Health, for health and wellness coaching. It was here that Charles learned a better way to have a conversation with patients and clients, resulting in deeper insight into root causes of peoples problems and facilitating the changes necessary for optimal healing. Charles has been studying and honing his manual therapy skills in recent years plus more recently has been focusing his education in men’s pelvic health.


We're Involved in Our Community

Charles has a long standing commitment to the community with roots as far back as scouting in the 1970’s and the D.C. AIDS ride, a 360 mile five day ride from Raleigh, NC to Washington D.C. where he served on the physical therapy team of the medical crew. He currently supports the following:

All-inclusive/Gender Neutral Practice
Gay Pride Flag Equality Symbol Transgender Flag
Gay Pride Flag Equality Symbol Transgender Flag

Here at Dudley Physical Therapy we welcome everyone and strive to provide a safe space for you regardless of orientation and gender identity, understanding that we are more complex than binary labels. This is achieved with one-on-one treatments in which you are our only client at the time of your session, allowing us to provide unparalleled individualized attention and care with compassion, understanding and empathy.

  • Workshops

    Charles offers a variety of workshops in multiple locations in order to meet everyone’s schedule and interest. The most popular is his workshop on low back pain and sciatica, but has been getting a lot of interest in his pelvic workshops ranging from bladder control to sexual dysfunctions and pelvic pain.

    Upcoming Workshops

Low Back Pain and/or Sciatica?

Learn to manage lower back or sciatica pain without medication, injections, or surgery at our free lower back pain and sciatica workshop.

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Neck Pain or Headache?

Learn to manage neck pain and headaches without medication, injections, or surgery at our free neck pain or headache workshop.

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Pelvic Issues?

Learn to manage pelvic pain without medication, injections, or surgery at our free pelvic pain workshop.

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Peezing? (Peeing when you sneeze)

Attention women AND men...Learn to manage pelvic dysfunctions without pads, pills, injections or surgery at our free peezing workshop.

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Sinus trouble?

Learn to manage sinus problems without medications, injections or surgery at our free workshop.

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Erectile Dysfunction?

Learn about all-natural treatment options for E.D. without resorting to medications, injections or surgery at our free men's health - E.D. workshop.

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Hear From Our Fans

  • I am improving beacuse of his treatments

    Wanda Denver

  • I ‘m able to make it through my shifts w/o the shooting back pains

    Tiarra Thomas

  • …my pain has gone away.

    Sue Peyton

  • Chuck has greatly helped me to be able to move on with my life…

    Priya Thomas

  • ...it worked like a miracle!

    Krysten Green

  • The orthotics allow me to carry on my activities...

    Chris Homberg