I work with a wide range of muscle and skeletal injuries from back pain and sciatica to neck pain, not to mention ankles, knees, hips, shoulders elbows and wrist injuries. Whether it is a sprain/strain or carpal tunnel, or thoracic outlet, I have you covered!


Extensive experience in neurological conditions including concussive syndrome, head injury, strokes and multiple sclerosis. Each of these needs a unique approach to promote healing and facilitate neuromuscular reeducation to restore maximal return to normal life.

Electromyography and Biofeedback

Electromyography can be done a couple different ways. I use surface electromyography, sEMG, which allows me to “read” the electrical activity of the muscles under the skin. This allows us to see how well it is contracting and how well it is resting. Why is this important? Every muscle has to rest, even the heart , that is what it is doing between beats. If a muscle is constantly working with no break, then it can be a source of problems. Biofeedback is a took I use to re-train the muscles to function more normally. This is vitally important in pelvic physical therapy due to the fact that we can’t really see the muscles working like we can your arm or leg. Using this advanced equipment I can develop a much better and specific treatment plan for you.

Manual Therapy

This is the art of using the hands to massage the muscles, tendons, and ligaments for a variety of reasons, including helping scar tissue, swelling, and knots in the muscle or myofascia. Manual therapy also includes re-aligning the joints throughout the body, including the back.

Neuromuscular Reeducation

Neuromuscular reeducation is the process in which we retrain the nerves and muscles to work together more normally. Often times after an injury we will change how we move in order to avoid pain which means that when we have made things feel better, we need to reeducate them with how they are suppose to work. We can use sEMG and Biofeedback to achieve this goal.


Modalities feel awesome! This is where heat, ice, electrical stimulation and ultrasound come in. Each one has unique properties that promote healing, depending on the type of injury. Heat helps warm tissues up, relaxes the muscles and allows increased blood flow for healing. Ice helps limit the amount of swelling gets into the joint after an injury. Ultrasound can be used for a variety of reasons including warm up the tissues, but also can be used to increase blood flow for healing. Electrical stimulation can be used for pain, circulation, and swelling. Magic happens when we combine them to reach your goals!