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"I completely blew my back out in January. I’m talking was crippled on the floor of my apartment. Charles Dudley went out of his way in a hurry to come to the apartment to work on me. Professional, courteous and patient. He did everything in his power to help ease my pain and was able to stabilize me for transport to the hospital. After my diagnosis he constantly checked on on me and offered support and care. He is an extremely knowledgeable and consummate professional who I would be happy to use again in a heart beat. "
Jul 28, 2020


I am improving beacuse of his treatments

I was in constant foot pain in both feet. I don’t like to walk far because of the constant achy burning pain. I was told I would have to learn to live with it until I lost my weight. Charles started working with me in November. I can feel an improvement in both feet. The pain has lessened. I have no more pain at rest in certain areas in my feet and less pain all over. Along with the treatments he does weekly, he has given me stretches to do to help my progress.

He is a great listener to not only my physical concerns but to my life stressors also. He has very skilled hands and I feel I am improving because of his treatments.

Wanda Denver

My experience here has been one of profound healing and growth. Before I came to Dudley Physical Therapy I had intense inflammation and stiffness in my lower back and left hip area to cause me to lock up and unable to move. It’s an issue that has affected my life for the past 10 years and caused me great uncomfortability and insufferable experiences in sleep, relaxation and mobility.

Over the course of the past several months of session at Dudley Physical Therapy I can relax in all positions and stances without lower back inflammation and stiffness and I am also able to stand and move for longer periods of time. For example, recently I went to a standing room only concert and was able to stand for 3 hours without issue.

Jason Clark

I ‘m able to make it through my shifts w/o the shooting back pains

Before seeing Charles I have always had back pain from being on my feet so much. I am a cook and stand on cement floors for long shifts 8-12 hr some days I would have pain shooting up and down my spine. I knew insoles may be a solution but was not fully informed. So after going to a few of the classes I saw how knowledgeable Charles was and met with him. He was able to give me lots of information and even tricks to help with the pain while waiting for the insoles to come in. When they got here he showed me how to wear them in so that they would be comfortable. Since wearing them I ‘m able to make it through my shifts w/o the shooting back pains. Also allowing me to focus more on my work than when the next time I’m able to take a break.

Tiarra Thomas

…my pain has gone away.

I had been experiencing sciatica nerve pain, so I stop in to talk to the P.T. at Dudley Physical Therapy. He was very nice and showed me a single exercise to do. Upon doing the exercise a couple of times during the day my pain has gone away. I really appreciate him giving me this helpful tip.

Sue Payton

Chuck has greatly helped me to be able to move on with my life…

In January I was in a motorcycle accident. I suffered from a tibial plateau fracture of the left knee and a talus and pilon fracture of the right ankle. I was unable to walk and couldn’t bend my left knee. Through stretching and strengthening exercises I was able to regain movement with my left knee in order to be weight bearing. We worked on massaging my right foot and ankle muscles as well as working with the scar tissue. Little by little I regained more motion in my ankle which now allows me to walk without any assistive devices and with very little limping. Chuck has greatly helped me to be able to move on with my life, which I am grateful for.

Priya Thomas

…it worked like a miracle!

I am the Zumba instructor at the gym and I started having pains in my foot. I started talking to the physical therapist to see if there was anything that could be done so I won’t have to stop teaching. We experimented with taping my foot, and it worked like a miracle! I found out that I have flat feet, so he taped my foot to support my arch. My results were amazing! I’m to the point now where I don’t need the taping done as often. I do it as a precaution because I teach Zumba 5 times a week. I highly recommend Dudley Physical Therapy! You will not be disappointed!

Krysten Green

The orthotics allow me to carry on my activities...

I was prescribed PT after surgery (bunionectomy & plantar plate repair). Still experiencing severe nerve pain in feet. I would have to stop any standing activity and use cold packs. The orthotics allow me to carry on my activities even though the pain is still present.

Chris Homberg

I only wish I had begun treatment sooner!

I injured my knee several years ago and becgan having major problems after taking a job tending bar and being on my feet for hours. Knee pain quickly became unbearable, affecting my ability to work, walk and function in general. After my first visit, I noticed major improvement and with each subsequent session my mobility increased as my pain has decreased. I only wish I had begun treatment sooner!

Stephen Reefe

I have been a nurse for 34 years and I have worked in orthopedics but Chuck Dudley has given me knowledge I never learned. I first went to Chuck for excruciating hip pain. After my first visit I had relief. I was taught how to exercise my legs and hip first thing in the morning and throughout the day to prevent this type of pain. Chuck provided comprehensive treatment including massage, ultrasound, and ice. My hip pain has been relieved without further incidence.

I saw Chuck again after having 90% meniscectomy and was told I did not need P.T. due to my previous active life. My pain since surgery (3 months now) did not dissipate. Chuck has taught me massage, a needed daily activity to reduce swelling and scar tissue. He has taught me how to exercise when to use ice, and the importance and duration of therapy.

JoAnn K.