We’re involved in the community

  • Baltimore Flamingos – an all inclusive rugby team. Charles supports them with field side physical therapy at practices and matches, some of them as far away as Charlotte, NC! Fast intervention = fast healing!

  • Out Loud – Charles writes a monthly physical therapy article for Out Loud in order to provide information and quick tips for self care.

  • GLCCB – Charles provides a free monthly workshop downtown at the GLCCB in order to provide information and hands on demonstration of self care tips to the community

  • Spunk Fitness – Charles provides a free monthly workshop for the community at his office inside of Spunk Fitness in Essex.

  • M.S. Society – Charles donates physical therapy services to their “Bike Challenge”, a two day bicycling fundraiser in the spring where the participants can ride up to 150 miles! The M.S. Society also has an event in the fall, their Challenge Walk, also a two day event in which participants can walk up to 30 miles through the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

  • Client of the Month – Through this initiative one client each month is randomly selected, via raffle, to direct a $50 donation to a charity of their choice. This allows exposure to a variety of charities that may otherwise go unnoticed! So far some of those charities that have benefited are: GLCCB, BARCS, CASA, Planned Parenthood, GLAD, and many more.