About DPT

Holistic Care

Looking for someone who can connect all the dots? Tired of being treated for one body area but not other areas that could be (and often are) connected to your problem? Charles taps into his skills as a manual therapist, pelvic therapist, and health and wellness coach as well as many years as an acute care therapist to look at the whole picture when treating his clients. This also takes into consideration your lifestyle, tailoring a treatment plan that fits your needs and time constraints in our busy modern lives.

One-on-One, Hands On Rehab

You are never scheduled with another client. The time is yours and yours alone. This means the benefit of your therapist's undivided attention and the ability to have frank discussions as to how therapy is going and where it needs to go next. The best therapy makes adjustments to the overall plan in order to reach your goal. It is similar to a ship crossing the sea, it is continually making adjustments and course corrections because the currents of life, the undertow of our jobs and the headwinds of family shift us in unexpected ways, but don’t worry, we can make the course corrections!

Manual Therapy Focus

Many, many courses through Great Lakes Seminars, The Pearl Institute, as well as Herman and Wallace over the past few years has resulted in the skills to re-align the body, creating the foundation for the muscles to work properly. We can work on your trigger points, stretch as much as we want, but if the skeleton is not aligned then the muscles will go back to their dysfunctional position. This is where Charles comes in, the ability to do both skeletal re-alignments as well as work on the muscles and fascia to get a more lasting resolution of your pain.

Same Therapist Every Time

Charles is the only therapist. He has been in practice for nearly two decades working in a number of offices and has discovered that patients don’t get better when they see six different therapists….shocker! There is no one else to be passed on to therefore quick progress is made toward reaching your goals.

Out of Network with Everyone

Because of my specialized training and exclusive 1 on 1 treatment format, I do not accept any types of insurance. I only accept cash/checks/credit cards. However, I will provide any necessary documentation in order to submit your payment to your insurance company, though no guarantee can be made regarding reimbursement.


Charles has nearly 2 decades of experience as a physical therapist with experience in diverse settings such as the hospital, rehabilitation, outpatient, sports medicine and even had a private practice in London England. He attended TAI SOPHIA, which later became the Maryland University of Integrative Health, for health and wellness coaching. It was here that Charles learned a better way to have a conversation with patients and clients, resulting in deeper insight into the root causes of peoples problems and facilitating the changes necessary for optimal healing. Charles has been studying and honing his manual therapy skills in recent years plus more recently has been focusing his education on men’s pelvic health.

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Pelvic Floor Therapy

What is pelvic physical therapy? This is physical therapy specifically for the pelvic region, external and internal. This area is often overlooked and takes special skill to assess the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia of the pelvic floor. When we look at the abdominal region from the perspective of it being a pressure chamber we then realize that the diaphragm is the roof, the abdominal muscles create the cylindrical wall and then the pelvic floor is the floor. dysfunction in any one of these systems of muscles can create problems for us. Thankfully we have special therapists who know how to treat this important area of the body!

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